Trying to Create a Customer, What is Wrong with my String Please?

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I'm sending the below string, a customer is created but only the name fields and address are updated? What is wrong with the layout/format of my string please? It matches the docs and the response object, so.. I'm confused with this one.


   "firstName": "First Name",

   "lastName": "Surname",

   "customerTypeID": "2",

   "Contact": {

    "Addresses": {

     "ContactAddress": {

      "address1": "1st Line of Address",

      "address2": "",

      "city": "Customer City",

      "state": "",

      "country": "United Kingdom",

      "zip": "Customer Postcode"



    "Phones": {

     "number": "9043908"


    "Emails": {

     "address": "[email protected]"




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