de minimis time and employee time keeping.

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I would love to have the time keeping program round off to five minute increments. The amount of de minimis payroll time should be an option. There should be a 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 1/10 of an hour, or 1/4 of an hour option. I think smaller increments are better, but doing hundredths of an hour is a bit much. One size increment does not fit all business, nor is it required to under FLSA so giving us a choice would be nice.

Being uber precise to the one hundredth of an hour is pointless. It is unfair to the employee. It can take several min for the computer to turn on. So the employee may have been sitting there at the register missing out on minutes of pay, but by jove the computer tracks it down to the second after the clock is started. This is precision without accuracy. De minimis time helps the employee out by rounding. It also helps me out, because I don't have to deal with a power struggle with "that" employee who knows I can't fire anyone until the holidays are over. So can I get the time clock to follow standard accounting practices?

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    Actually, being precise to the .01 hour is not pointless and our payroll company actually requires it. You can always export employee hours to Excel and round as you see fit. Also, assuming you have the proper permission level, you can quickly and easily go in and adjust the 'clock in' and 'clock out' times for "that" employee as needed to add a few minutes on the front end of a shift.

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