Excessive 429 after switching IP

GuidoPGuidoP Member Posts: 2

We have been running a successful API-integration for over 7 years now without too much problems. However as of recently we decided that our integration-tools should be hosted on a new machine with a different IP-address. Ever since the migration (no code was changed) we are much more frequently hitting 429 errors. As a result of this, it is getting impossible to process all shops through the API.

When I reactivate the code on the old machine, everything is fine and the 429 error is barely occurring. Switching forwards to the new server the problem returns almost immediately. And processing of all integrated shops is no longer working.

I can reproduce above without problems and are keen to understand what I can do, or what can be done to overcome this. Is there some kind of IP-reputation that needs building?

I am familiar with https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/introduction/ratelimits/ but this seems to be a different problem.

Anyone who can point me into the right direction ?


  • MobiLEDMobiLED Member Posts: 7

    Hallo Lightspeed,

    Zouden jullie dit snel willen oppakken samen met Siel/Acumulus?

    Wij hebben er erg last van dat het héél lang duurt (enkele dagen!!!) voordat de facturen vanuit Lightspeed in Acumulus terechtkomen. Siel is afhankelijk van Lightspeed voor het doorvoeren van een oplossing. Het zou fijn zijn als jullie er samen uitkomen.

    Alvast bedankt.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,


  • BarbaraBarbara Member Posts: 1

    Wij hebben ook veel last van dit probleem en al aangekaart. De koppeling heeft jarenlang zonder problemen gewerkt en doet nu niets. Graag snel oppakken Lightspeed-team en even direct schakelen met Siel.

  • GuidoPGuidoP Member Posts: 2

    If there is anything that can be done to improve things on our side that would be nice too

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