Building a Purchase Order now is a manual Nightmare

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When building a Purchase, it used to be fine. Back in the Spring, things started changing.

The cost of an existing item MAY or MAY NOT transfer over. If not, you have to manually enter every line.

Now, when enter vendor IDs, you can't even tab through the Purchase Order as the page resets after each item and puts your cursor back at the top! MANUAL NIGHTMARE.

Plus - if your going to change something, how about giving the option of auto filling the Vendor IDs with the same ID for an item(across all attributers), instead of manually having to fill multiple lines with the same Vendor ID!

It used to take less than 5 minutes to build a PO, now it is over 15 minutes for a small to medium size.

Please help!

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  • DdMcgrueDdMcgrue Member Posts: 4
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    This is a huge nightmare! You said it!!! You should try a PO with 300 items on it. I wonder if lightspeed should compensate it's customers for the extra labour we have to pay our staff for wasting their time!!!

    I just got off the phone with LS and the tech I talked to literally said, "well what do you want me to do about it?" ... Ummmm Fix it?!?!

  • SethMSethM Member Posts: 88 ✭

    Every time I update a part on the PO it takes me back to the top - disorienting and frustrating. Would prefer a manual save option for this.

  • CliffyPCliffyP Member Posts: 9


    Please fix this! Creating a PO is a nightmare now as stated above.

    What update was implemented that broke Purchase Orders.

    Manually entering Cost pricing is ridiculous.

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 42

    Manually entering a PO and having the screen jump back to the top when you enter key data such as the vendor SKU is a real time waster!!

  • SamASamA Member Posts: 35

    This part is affecting my workflow: "Now, when enter vendor IDs, you can't even tab through the Purchase Order as the page resets after each item and puts your cursor back at the top! MANUAL NIGHTMARE."

    This affects receiving, as well as initial purchasing. It makes checking in orders that much more difficult, can be very frustrating with large numbers to check in, hope there will be a tweak soon.

  • doi4100doi4100 Member Posts: 7

    This is a total nightmare and needs to be fixed ASAP. It's taking way longer to make a PO and to check PO's in. I used to be able to update the cost by copy and pasting quickly down the cost column. But now I have to keep finding where I left off because it jumps to the top of the page. It is also creating more room for error.

  • mwhiddingtonmwhiddington Member Posts: 7

    Agreed - this PO issue is also a major problem for us. Ideally, we can just upload a spreadsheet and it will import into the PO.... hopes and dreams I suppose.

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 42

    Mwhiddington, you can import a CSV file instead of manually entering the PO as long as you format the file correctly; I do this all the time for larger orders.

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