stacked discounts

efrickleefrickle Member Posts: 10

There needs to be a way to add an additional discount to an item that already has a discount rule? Example: We have a store-wide sale of 20% off and are randomly handing out coupons that allow the customer to take an additional 10% off any one item of their choice. The process to do this in retail is very difficult. We have been removing the discount on that one item and figuring out what the total should be on a calculator and using that number. Time consuming and room for error. Can this option be added? Thank you


  • FrancoUomoFrancoUomo Member Posts: 5

    Agreed! We tried to sell a discounted item to a customer with loyalty points and were not able to use both a sale discount and loyalty promotion at the same time. Created a big mess.

  • BrabaryBrabary Member Posts: 13

    Having the option to toggle between stacking discounts would be great!

  • efrickleefrickle Member Posts: 10

    Would be great if a Lightspeed developer responded to these requests. This seems like a feature that every retail would need. I have lots of other suggestions for features my "old" POS system had but LS does not.

  • TammyATammyA Member Posts: 1

    Same here. This was standard functionality on my old POS (which was in most other ways a terrible POS). I really need this. I should be able to apply - for instance - a 10% senior discount to a sale that has individual item-level discounts applied without overriding those discounts. Please! :-)

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