Request to export the payout report just like how it looks in Retail POS in Spreadsheet/excel format

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Please change the way how the Payout report is exported. You can add another sheet to the export where we get the same view as how it looks in Retail POS but in excel/spreadsheet format. Just to keep things simple for us to filter.

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  • tinksboutiqueilmtinksboutiqueilm Member Posts: 2

    I just tried to export ours and it came out looking like an entire NIGHTMARE! Why wouldn't they have it exported onto some sort of spreadsheet or exactly as they have it on the screen. ( Shown in your pic above )

    I'm not sure what the heck I'm supposed to do with what they're providing!

  • timeoutclothingtimeoutclothing Member Posts: 1

    AGREED! It is a nightmare for reconciliation when we can't print out the summary of the Payout Report Summary! I was told to export, but what happens is it populates the details of each transaction, which is VERY inefficient for reconciliation. PLEASE make this an easier process...Most every other report in all the Report section you can print what you see, and or EXPORT exactly what you are looking at, instead of essentially getting an entirely different Report...

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