Import for 3rd Party Inventory Count Services

KimberlytoltKimberlytolt Member Posts: 3

I have just learned, to my utter shock, that there is no option to import data from a 3rd party inventory counting service. The fact that I will have to enter many thousands of products manually is something that I cannot currently wrap my head around. This needs to be fixed.

We used OnSite previously, and this was a simple process that we conducted yearly. I'm absolutely stunned at this oversight.

Please create the pathway to make this work. Or direct me to a pathway that would work.


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 907 

    This should be doable via the Retail API --> Although it would require a developer to map things between the external inventory count service and Retail.

  • KimberlytoltKimberlytolt Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for your response. Can this be done by someone on the LightSpeed team?

    Our physical inventory count is on January 2nd, our reconciliation on Jan 3rd.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Red_BrickRed_Brick Member Posts: 3

    You may need to get a bridge built with a 3rd party between your inventory count provider and Lightspeed, maybe Celigo would be a good option, but I know that those are not done quickly and would not meet your time frame. I would reccommend switching to an inventory counts provider that already has integration with Lightspeed.

  • Red_BrickRed_Brick Member Posts: 3

    Lightspeed likely cannot do this on their own.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 907 

    @Kimberlytolt how many stores and what's a rough inventory quantity estimate? In a pinch you could access Retail via a laptop with WiFi and use a USB or Bluetooth scanner to scan the labels into the inventory count routine that comes with the Retail web client. It's not the slickest implementation for inventory counts, but it's workable to a degree?

  • KimberlytoltKimberlytolt Member Posts: 3

    @gregarican We have one store, and over 6,000 unique skus.

    @Red_Brick do you know of an inventory service that integrates with LightSpeed? We are using RGIS/WIS.

  • enano2054enano2054 Member Posts: 4

    @Kimberlytolt we were blown away by this oversight as well when we switched to LS. Fortunately, we use Accumula already to connect LS to Shopify and we are able to import our counts that way. We have also built an API tool of our own for this purpose but why this doesn't come built in is beyond comprehension.

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