Transaction flow problem - moving items between Layaway or Special Order without removing inventory

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We have run into a problem where the interface has been confusing our employees, which has unintended inventory changes.

We need a way to move an item from "Layaway" into either the "Sale" tab or the "Special Order" tab without having to trash and start over from scratch. 

We also need to be able to move items from the "Special Order" tab into "Layaway" or "Sale" 
without having to trash and start over from scratch.

Here is a common scenario:  We have multiple bricks-and-mortar shops spread several hours apart.  A customer may call our shop on the phone in Old Forge and ask to buy a product to pick up at a later date (we'll call that product "fubar" in this example).  We begin the transaction and adjust the price of the product, and perhaps the sales tax based on the requirements of the transaction and put some notes into the sale.  We move the item to "layaway" because the customer wants to pick it up later:

At this point the customer says, "Oh, wait, I want to pick up my new fubar from your Saratoga Springs shop."  This means we need to move the item to "Special Order" so it can be added to a Transfer.

Here's where the interface problem is:  There is no way to move items from "Layaway" back to the "Sale" tab or to the "Special Order" tab without trashing them and starting over from the beginning, and losing our work.

Because of the lack of a legitimate mechanism and because we didn't realize we were inadvertently removing inventory into a layaway limbo, our employees have been pressing "complete" in the above screen instead of the trash can because all of the adjustments to the transaction are preserved, and they're usually trying to move quickly and get onto the next customer:

The problem with this action, as I've just found out by talking with Vanessa Delorme, is that by pressing the "complete" button, we are removing one of those items from inventory, which is not desirableWhy would anyone want to remove inventory in the middle of a transaction when payment has not yet been taken and the transaction is not actually completed?

Normally at this point our staff will press "Special Order All" and put the item on a transfer to the desired shop, but by then, the inventory has been altered, inadvertently.

Can we please have a mechanism that will allow us to move the items from Layaway to either Sale or Special Order without affecting inventory, but that will still preserve the notes, price adjustments, tax status, etc? 

Perhaps a "Move to Sale" and a "Move to Special Order" button next to each item?

An equivalent mechanism for moving items from "Special Order" to "Sale" or "Layaway" is also needed.

It is rough on our staff to have to make all of the little finicky adjustments to the transaction again from scratch.  It's a bad enough loss of time and effort if one product is involved, but in our case each boat purchase often also involves multiple extras such as paddles, life jackets, rack components, etc. 

Forcing the employee to redo the entire transaction from the beginning in such cases is going to slow us down considerably.

Thanks for any attention you can devote to this issue,

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    I agree, these "Move" buttons would be extremely helpful

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    We really a move special order to layaway button or something like it, logically a special that is received should become a layaway and go as so in the customer account.

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