It would be nice to be able to add notes to the Shrinkage section of an Inventory Count

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As the title says it would be extremely useful if we could add notes to the Shrinkage Section of an Inventory Count.

When we perform inventory counts of a category of products, our policy is that no matter which staff member conducts the count, another manager-level employee must go through the count before reconciling it. They are responsible for tracking down and sorting out any discrepancies - ie: "Why are we up 5 of X and why are we down 9 of Y?"

Only after that manager has investigated and solved all the discrepancies of that count are they authorized to Reconcile the count, which then produces the Shrinkage report for that count.

Now, as owners, we ask that our managers provide us with a quick summary of why there were discrepancies and what they discovered during their investigations. After all, a shrinkage report doesn't really tell us much without context.

Unfortunately to do this, our managers have to download the report into a csv file to make that summary when really it would be ideal if each item in the Shrinkage report had a Note field attached to it, or failing that even just having a General Notes field at the top of the Shrinkage report section would be useful.

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