Setting up promotion prices for different promotions during overlapping time frames

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With my previous POS, we could setup a promotion with the name of our current catalog or promotion that had many items with many different sale prices in them. We would simply scan the item and put the sale price in and it would be good for that promotion during that promotions time frame. Concurrently, we could have additional promotions with overlapping time frames and often overlapping products. The system would use the lost sale price when we would put it in the customers sale. With Lightspeed, we have to create a Price & Discount Rule (e.g. Sale Price $9.99), establish a time frame (say January), then add in the items in the promotion with that price. Labor intensive but doable. The problem lies when we have another promotion with a time frame of January and February, they are telling me we have to create a new Sale Price $9.99 Price & Discount Rule with a different name. Not loving this. With today's technology, there has to be an easier way. I would be happy to be a guinea pig for Lightspeed programmers!

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    Hi @Muiter

    The behaviour within retail when it comes to overlapping price or discount rules is that the best possible deal for the customer will be selected at checkout. (ex: 2 price rules exist, One is 50% off and the other is 20% off, retail will always select the one at 50% as the customer gets the best price)

    Of course, if you'd like this to change, you've already posted your request in the right forum!


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