API bucket filling up with PUSH into Lightspeed - help?

cyclone_taylorcyclone_taylor Member Posts: 2

We are pushing data into Lightspeed to create an inventory count.

-> We noticed that the BUCKET jumps 10 with push compared to 1 with PULLS, so our inventory count of 3000+ items (since each item needs to be pushed one at a time) will take a while.

-Are there different times during the day when the bucket limit is increased?

-Are there larger account options to give a higher bucket limit? Can I "purchase" a higher bucket limit for my year-end counts?

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 923 

    This is definitely a known limitation when it comes to the Retail API, especially compared with other cloud-based retail providers. The API call limits. You can only issue one PUT or POST API every 10 seconds usually. Although I believe when we first implemented Retail we were temporarily granted a higher threshold.

    You might be able to reach out to your Lightspeed account manager to see if they can quote out the cost of a higher limit. Only one PUT/POST request every 10 seconds is laughable really. Makes this solution's scalability pretty meager.

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