Features to add to Inventory Counts

AtEaseGamesAtEaseGames Member Posts: 1

Two features that would save hours of time during Inventory Counts would be:

1: The ability to add any New Items added to system while an Inventory Count is being done to the Inventory Count. Currently, New Items essentially have to be scanned in twice, once to be added to the existing inventory, and twice to be added to the Inventory Count. For stores that have stock levels that cause Inventory Counts to take multiple shifts and/or receive invoices that do not have barcodes, this would save many hours.

2: On the Missed items tab within an Inventory Count, after you enter a quantity into the Count field (as to add a missed item to the current Inventory Count), once you leave that Count field, it is automatically processed, causing the page to have to reload. This clears any search parameters. The ability to enter quantities into multiple Count fields, and then process them en masse, would save hours of work as well since this is currently the fastest way I know of adding New Items to an Inventory Count for invoices that do not have barcodes.



  • kirakirakirakira Member Posts: 18

    Forgot about it. The developer teams are useless. You will have to wait for few YEARS to get this feature.

    BTW: It's been few years, the still cannot fix the duplicate inventory issue.

  • LisagogoLisagogo Member Posts: 6

    To add to AtEaseGames' list...

    - In the Count section, under Count Items, it would be great if we could add items by the category. It's soooo time consuming and inefficient to look the items up. We don't have a scanner that we can bring to our stock room and we don't use ipads. We work off an item list, mark our counts and then go to the computer to enter the information.

    -And then once the items are in the Counted Items section, when you enter the first quantity, the page reloads with the new quantity but you lose the textbox cursor and have to click into the next empty box. We should be able to hit TAB to go into the next empty text box. It would save so much time. You should be able to enter a number, hit tab, enter the next number, hit tab, and so on...

    -It would be nice to be able to customize the Item List. At the least, we should be able to remove certain categories. I would love to be able to print by main category (instead of subcategory).

    I understand what Kirakira is saying. It's unfortunate this section of Lightspeed needs an overhaul.

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