Feature Request: Search by Company Name

I have over 600 customers who purchase wholesale from me. When they call to place an order or ask a question, I need to look up their customer card. The search will not find the customer by the company name. If I put the company name in the search field, nothing comes up. I have to scroll through a list of 50,000 customers to find the right customer.

The work around is to put the company name in the first name field. This is not acceptable. Putting the company name in the first name filed causes problems with other features. This is putting used toilet paper on a wound as a bandage.

When will lightspeed fix the broken search feature?


  • xbgwmrxbgwmr Member Posts: 13
    edited September 2021

    It works for me. I'm not sure why it isn't working for you. I even made a fake account to test it:

    By the way, at our store we actually put the company name in LAST NAME and leave FIRST NAME blank because we deal with businesses and offices rather than specific people, but I figured I'd try one like in the screenshot to make sure it works.

  • Charlie_RCharlie_R Member Posts: 2

    Customer Search works in a limited way. The search checks First Name and Last Name. If it finds one match, it applies that customer to the sale. If search finds more than one match, it displays those matches. Search does NOT continue on to search Company unless it does not find any matches in First or Last Name.

  • Charlie_RCharlie_R Member Posts: 2

    And it does not display any matches from Company unless there are no matches in either First Name or Last

  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 108 ✭

    Hi @Charlie_R, I've got a platform that has the capability to provide this feature for you. It's currently not implemented, but I could add it in pretty quickly. I understand if you're not looking to add on something extra, and it may not be a good fit if this is the only thing that you're looking for.

    But if happen to be interested in this + more ( other tools, reporting, etc ), then I may be able to help out! Feel free to send me a direct message or email to [email protected]

    Matt Anger


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