Costs in Inventory Count

spferreiraspferreira Member Posts: 17

Could costs be displayed/reported on throughout the Inventory Count process and on all pages - especially on the Reconcile page? I understand that unit costs are reported after reconciling by using the Shrinkage report. But there is no variance/adjustment report displaying costs anywhere in the Inventory Counts function BEFORE reconciling. I would imagine most businesses are reviewing variance by cost value first and foremost before they are concerned necessarily by qty value.



  • MeatballMeatball Member Posts: 1

    I'm looking for the same. Cost, retail and vendor on the Missed and Reconcile reports would be really helpful.

    Getting it after reconciling is not ideal since a lot of the issues could be located or fixed before reconciliation, or at least we could focus on the items of greater value or find patterns in problems with a particular vendor.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 905 

    As a business practice we typically take any items not shown scanned in the inventory count and add a product tag to them. That way we can run Retail reports against that product tag in order to display costs, retails, etc. as needed. Then as items are located and accounted for we remove that product tag from them. An extra steps but seems to get around the limitations in the inventory count function.

  • spferreiraspferreira Member Posts: 17

    Thank you both!

    Gregarican - that is a neat workaround. However once working at scale it sounds time consuming.

    Our current workaround is to export an Asset Report along with the pre-committed Reconcile Report. Then we use an Excel Macro to merge costs onto the Reconcile Report.

    This helps somewhat, but is time consuming and leaves unnecessary room for error. It also doesn't help apply costs to any SKU units which may have lost a cost for whatever reason pre-count (a negative quantity for example).

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