Where can we find the schedule of planned enhancements?

dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 24 ✭
How do we know what is coming up in a future release? Suggestions are offered and your clients are voting on them, but how do we know that any action is really being taken? A planned software release schedule will alleviate a lot of frustration - especially on some of the more critical items.

I am sure the schedule exists and is not set in stone, but some indication that you are really listening would be helpful.


  • SubspaceBoiseSubspaceBoise Member Posts: 11
    Hear! hear! The idea board (https://lightspeed.cnflx.io/public#/ideaboard) is a black box. We only know about a change if we are on the notification list for a particular bug fix or feature request or read release notes after it's already been released. We've added some suggestions and comments to idea board too, and they simply disappear into the black box.
  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 277 moderator
    Hi Dsteinbeck and SubspaceBoise,

    Sorry for the late response! We do not have a public facing board with features that are coming to the platform.

    New features take time to build, test, modify, test (and more modifying and testing) and then release. Each step may cause delays and thus the feature will be launched later. This makes it very hard to set launch dates, and is why we never communicate when a new feature will be released.

    The Ideaboard has been shut down because it was not the right tool and became unmanageable. Currently we track feature requests internally when they are brought up by you, the merchants.
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