Environmental fees/charges automatically added to items

TayloreSTayloreS Member Posts: 2

For specific businesses, environmental fees are mandated by law to be charged to customers. There should be an option to attach an environment charge to specific items, therefore when this item is added to the checkout the environmental fee is added automatically and matches the quantity of the items added. This would remove any errors by manually adding the environmental charge.


  • BshellBshell Member Posts: 6

    I just ran in to the same problem. May have to add in as an assembly but would prefer to have that add automatically. Should be able to do it by % of the sale or fixed dollar amount. Did you find a way to do this?

  • WhiHarWhiHar Member Posts: 5

    I have requested this from Lightspeed in the past and apparently its on the long development list. Environmental and Eco Handling fees are not a % so the tax function does not work, but rather, they are fixed costs that vary depending on the item. What would work is if you could set up a rule that automatically pairs two items (1 inventory and 1 non-inventory). The rule would know that if a customer wants to buy X, they must also buy Y. Y in this case would be the Fee. We would then set-up our database to match these items. On the sales receipt, the two items would show up as two lines. This is how the major chains (Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Deport, etc) handle this.

  • WhiHarWhiHar Member Posts: 5

    For the interim, I add the respective EFH to the retail selling price for the applicable items and then in the 'details' tab for the inventory item, I use the Notes pane at the bottom of the page and click on the "Display Note On Sales and Receipts" toggle. In the note, I add: "Includes $0.35 Environmental Handling Fee" (for example). This prints as a second line on the sales receipt. This is not ideal, but it's a workaround. It makes reporting on EFH fees a little more cumbersome too.

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