Iphone app for lightspeed retail

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Can we please get an app for the lightspeed retail on iphone

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  • AzTAzT Member Posts: 74 ✭

    I second this

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  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 146 

    I find using the normal webpage on the iphone and ipad actually better than the ipad app.

  • LisagogoLisagogo Member Posts: 6

    I agree! And with a credit card reader that can be using with the iPhone (like Square). Some situations call for usage of an iPhone, instead of an iPad.

  • moonrisejewelrymoonrisejewelry Member Posts: 1

    Please add this to the development list soon. I have been using Shopkeep (now owned by Lightspeed) which has a Pocket app. It actually says it's Lightspeed S-Series. Shouldn't be too hard to replicate that app for the Lightspeed R-Series. Would be very helpful for merchants keeping tabs on their retail stores in real time.

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    I hope y'all do realize that the R-Series appears to be a lame duck in a lot of regards. Likely due to Lightspeed acquiring other solutions and putting them under their umbrella.

    Look at the last post on this thread --> https://community.lightspeedhq.com/en/discussion/2939/serial-numbers#Item_27. If that indeed is the case then this Community site is basically just for the airing of grievances, sharing workarounds, and spam posting. 😔

    So the possibility to Lightspeed paying the App Store's associated fees and subscription cuts, along with the general lack of development for the R-Series would lead me think this won't happen.

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    This would be nice

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    I just use Firefox on iPhone to access the regular LS login, and it works ok there. Formatting is not too bad considering. As development on Retail seems all but abandoned I don't expect to see anything new and useful coming from LS, as mentioned by @gregarican .

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