Hub Does Not Allow Print or Save Options

bluewaterbluewater Member Posts: 1

We noticed that when the Lightspeed Hub is connected to a receipt printer that you then lose the other options to print or save a sale/quote. When the Hub is closed the user can print a sale/quote to any printer or even save as a PDF which is necessary in our business.

I would request that the option to print/save a sale/quote be left open in addition to a print to Hub option.


  • chadMasseyschadMasseys Member Posts: 4

    I'm also looking for this feature. We want to print transfers from the location requesting the product to the location that has the product.

  • TomBTomB Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 16 Lightspeed

    We've received a few requests to have this "bypass" option for printing receipts. It's currently being tested and will be located under Settings / General Options / Printing in the coming days.

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