Printing Receipts on Letter size paper

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Any way to get these going? so it works on both, on a regular printer and a receipt printer? If the receipt template is adjusted to fit inside the page, then the receipt one gets squeezed and it is difficult to read. If there is no alteration in the receipt template, the full page Letter wont print properly no matter which hardware device (printer) brand/make is being used. Any tips out there


  • jonathan_mjonathan_m Member Posts: 3

    Hi @weemo33 ,

    You can customize your receipt template using HTML, here is some template to build from :

    You could hack something in html/javascript and create a responsive receipt but it doesn't seem trivial. You can probably contact support and they will redirect you to a receipt template expert to help you with that.

    If you want a more robust solution for your full page invoices, I'll suggest you the QuoteMachine app :

    Hope that help!


  • paulippaulip Member Posts: 3

    I know im late to this party...but i have some customization questions for receipts....So I suspect that Im looking for a recommendation for a developer.

    So if anyone has any suggestions...The web has been pretty useless for finding someone.

    Here are the core of the challenges we have. (in no particular order).

    1)The whole header and the top of the receipt needs to be reposition to look more like a traditional invoice. Our logo and company info up top...Then below that the customer info next to the shipping information. In its default form the shipping info ends up at the top on the left...which just doesnt work for us.

    2) Renaming some fields such as receipt becoming invoice.

    3)When we do a sale we have 4 separate processes...In our current POS package it is 4 pieces of paper...Blue-internal receipt. Pink-customer receipt, White - goes to the warehouse with no $'s on it, Yellow, goes on the truck when shipped. The colors are less of an issue than the need to be able to have 4 similar but not identical versions print at the same time. There is 3rd party print software which can force 2 identical docs to 2 different print drawers with different paper. Its the need to to the same for the shipping documents. In the program the "gift receipt" has no $'s on it...And that's built into the receipt print data.....So conceptually we just need the software to know that it needs to print out the no $ copies when we "request" them....But would like that moment in time streamlined.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello Paul - did you ever get any resolution to your issues for full-page Lightspeed invoices? Facing similar issues here. I am also using Quote Machine, which is easier to adjust the layout but there are other issues with using the two programs for all invoicing.

  • TomBTomB Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 17 moderator

    @weebman @cesscotech We recently added an option to "bypass" the default receipt printer when using the Lightspeed Hub. The option is available from General options and will open a modal every time a receipt is printed so you can choose how to print it. Additionally you may choose to print the receipt as an invoice using the browser print prompt.

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