Items we dont want to ship

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We are not allowed to ship some items(bikes for exemple) we use to put a unreal weight to prevent shipping but if you forget one your in trouble . Is there a more faster safer way to prevent some item to be put in the shopping cart. and to allow only in store pick up



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    Anyone have an answer to this? We are also faced with this.

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    From what I've tried using a super high weight is the only way to have someone be able to pay online and then pick up in-store. This is also something that we would really like to see have more features to help with.

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    Hello all,

    As of now, this can only be achieved by setting the product's weight to a number that exceeds the maximum shipping weight of the shop's manual shipping methods while staying below the maximum weight of the store pickup method.

    If the shop is using a shipping integration, set the product's weight to 200lbs.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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    It is really frustrating that when setting a product up, we can't choose boxes for types of shipping available, or to click a box for no ship.

    We are running into the same frustration. We have multiple ways of shipping, and some items we want to offer only one option, rather than have customer choose.

    Weight limits DO NOT address this

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    Was this issue fixed?

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    Such a stupid fix!!

    Make a check box for "In Store Collect Only"

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