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1. What exactly are the productAttributes you can get via the API? Where do you set them in the backend?

2. How does a shop manager set Metafields for products or variants? Can you only set them via an app?

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  • TimBloembergenTimBloembergen Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 38 moderator

    The productAttributes,Types and TypeAttributes are all combined into the specifications you see in the Backoffice.

    There are different kind of metafields. The metafields you see in the backoffice are for SEO purposes. You can also set these via the API via the productMetafield endpoint, you need to make sure you use the right key corresponding with the field in the backend.

    The other metafields you can set via the API are used to store custom data. For example, if you add a metafield on the productMetafield endpoint you can use it as a variable in the Template Editor.

    Hope this helps!
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