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I'm looking for someone to develop a really basic loyalty scheme app that's conected to Lightspeed via the API.  We are currently fullfilling our scheme using Thirdshelf but they are pulling out of Europe at the end of July and won't be able to deliver it anymore.  I've approached every other Loyalty scheme provider registerd on the Lightspeed website but non of them can deliver exactly what I'm after.  At this stage I'm not interested in all the follow-up marketing functionality they all offer.

Our loyalty scheme is as follows;

For every £100 someone spends they get 1 stamp (if they spend £330 they'll get 3 stamps). When they accrue 5 stamps they get £25 off their next sale.

The basic functionality is as follows from within the LS sales window:

- registering a new customer add their name and email address to LS as standard and then click a quick link button in the sale (LOYALTY - enrol/view - which opens a new page in the browser (The app), click a button on this page to register them on the scheme.
- click RETURN TO SALE button which closes the window and takes them back to the sale.
- manually added a LOYALTY STAMP product (that's already created in LS) to the sale and change the quantity (if they spend £330 they'll get 3).  Complete the sale, the app then pulls the stamps through - I believe that evening. 
- we can fasttrack the stamps coming through to the app by clicking the refresh profile button on the app page which pulls any news stamps through straightaway.
- when the customer gets to 5 stamps a button appears on the app page REDEEM £25 ( - the lifetime points and active points are irrelevant) which when clicked it adds a -£25 product (that's already created in LS) back in the sale that's still open.
- we need to be able to login to the app separately from LS and be able to search for customers and track the movements of stamps (ideally with a date and sale number) and their redemptions.
- I'd ideally want every new customer that's registered on the app to be pushed through to an account in MailChimp.
- the app could be hosted on your website/server.

Can anyone put me intouch with someone who'll be able to build this functionality/app for me?




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