How was your Black Friday?

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Hello, folks!

Tell us about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Did you feel it was a success? What sales strategies did you employ? How did you prepare your staff?

Let us know!
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  • pnc1000pnc1000 Posts: 1Member
    Due to lightspeed being slow and we lost sales
  • laurenb55laurenb55 Posts: 1Member
    Black Friday and that weekend was great due to our email campaign. We were not thrilled that Lightspeed conked out during the busy weekend!
  • MylesKestenMylesKesten Posts: 1Member
    Saleswise we were pretty much even with last year, but I am always of two minds about Back Friday. On the one hand, the giant retailers inevitably do so much promotion that they drive customers into my stores as well as their own. That's good. On the other hand, we spend all year crafting the shopping experience, delivering superior service and care to our customers. On Black Friday and the weeks that lead up to Christmas we're dealing with customers who are on edge, focussed on price, and generally purchase gifts for people they barely know. Even their loved ones. They buy too much and return too much. We study the metrics of our customer service all year long and at Christmas they plummet because we haven't the luxury of enough time to find out what gifts people should have bought in the first place. I don't mean to say that all of our customers are disappointed. Most aren't. But it doesn't take too many crabbies to upset my hard-working staff. And if one or two of those annoyed customers put unfavourable experiences on YELP, Google, or any one of many social media sites, it takes months of hard work to reverse the effects of those negative reviews. Also, staffing up for Christmas isn't easy. It takes a long time to train part-timers to work for us, but we can't afford to get all of the extra staff we need into the stores early enough.
  • SGRSSGRS Posts: 1Member
    Our retailers experienced significant growth for November and the holiday weekend due to a couple of factors. First having the right product in the right category was key and secondly we always recommend having holiday staff hired by the end of August and well trained by the end of September at the latest.  This might seem early for to some, however, is the key to selling well and great reviews. It takes time to train an associate in the art of selling and get them up to speed on product knowledge. Your associates are your Brand's Image.  
  • BulldogBulldog Posts: 3Member
    Black Friday is one of a series of promotions we do at the end of November. We do a Holiday Open House the Sunday and Monday prior to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday. Holiday Open House and Black Friday were both up 10-30% from last year, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday were more like 8 - 10% up. We do our best promotions and most complex demonstrations with the first two events and then run low on ideas and time for the last two. Last year was slow during that period, so our results this year were more typical and we are pleased with the overall volume for the period.
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