Saving a product record...refresh gradually slower?

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Back when we were demoing LS Retail I ported in roughly 200 items. We noticed when we saved items the web client popped up confirmation that the operation completed. And then the item record refreshed itself. If we quickly toggled over to another record there were some navigation issues since the previously-saved record popped up again. But the delay was only 3-5 seconds and we had to train our staff to "wait for the pop" before moving onto a different item.

Now we have a little over 4,000 products. When we are saving item records, that time lag where the saved record refreshes itself takes a bit longer. So if we save one record and go into a second record, it could be 5-10 seconds or longer and the first record pops up again. Any work done on the second record is potentially lost.

I can do screen cap and include a link to it if it would help demonstrate what I'm talking about. Will this refresh get gradually longer as we add more and more products?


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    For a vid cap, please check out --> If you look after I save an edited product, a full 30+ seconds after the save operation completes the product is pulled up again. When I'm in a totally different page. When we only had ~200 products this quirk happened after 3-5 seconds. Now that we have 4,000+ products it's taking a lot longer. So basically any product we create or edit we have to sit there for 30 seconds or so and wait for the final refresh to take place.
  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 702 
    Bump. I also sent this question off to a sales engineer and our new account manager, five days ago. Didn't garner an acknowledgment, so that's pretty much where I'm at.

    We have been at a decision point whether or not to deploy LS Retail for our other two larger companies. So potentially looking at adding at least another 15,000 distinct products to the back-end database. If response time will grow incrementally slower then I'd rather know this now, as opposed to afterward.
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