Mark order as shipped when shop is configured for manual invoices

TimothyTimothy Member Posts: 12

My webshop is configured to manually create invoices. (settings/administration > invoices > create "manually")

When I try to set an order as shipped, via the API, the shipment status does not update. This is probably intended behaviour as there is no "shipment" created for the order.

Is there a way to create a shipment and mark it as "shipped"?



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  • JaivyDaamJaivyDaam Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 Lightspeed
    Hi @Timothy,

    Unfortunately, we don't have such feature as of yet. This means that your workflow as it is now, doesn't work. Is there a specific reason for you not using our invoice system?

    Would it be possible to set the setting to "Direct" and ignore this invoice in all logic code or in emails that will be send to the customer?
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