Discount rules should be in the basic plan

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There should really be ways for even the most basic plans to set basic rules for coupons. Everyone needs to be able to target specific items or categories with coupons, or to offer free shipping coupons.

There should at least be a basic version and an advanced version of the feature, with the basic version including products/categories targeting and free shipping and the advanced version could include more complex rules like excluding marked down items, second item at 50% and other stuff like that.

Requiring the professional plan for the basic stuff that is already included in every other e-commerce platform on the market feels absurd.

It's a big issue for us, because we have items that are marked down that we don't want to mark down any more with coupons as well as items with very low profit margins that we can't afford to apply coupons to.

Does anyone else feel the same way ?
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