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Does anyone handle the situation in which your inventory control is outside of lightspeed in an ERP and you want to update quantities on hand on a regular basis in Lightspeed/ecom. I am surprised that the item import tool flags an error on quantity when you want to update an existing item since other data gets updated fine. This does not make sense at all to flag this error. If they are concerned about inventory getting updated by mistake put a flag in global settings to allow it or not and then have the import tool flag the error if the global flag is set to no.  


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    Hi @curriekd,

    I think this is a question about Retail imports, since item inventory levels must be managed in Retail for Omnichannel accounts, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

     The inventory levels can be set on initial import, when a product is created in Retail, but it is expected that these levels will then be managed within Lightspeed. However, for custom integrations, further updates to inventory levels can be managed through the Retail API. Here is a link to the documentation on that particular endpoint for your reference: 

    I hope this helps!
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