process speeds have slowed dramatically

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I am not an API technical person. I have been in contact with our integration support and they are not aware of anything that would have caused a dramatic slowdown in a process we had been running for months. We had thoroughly tested the processes to be prepared for our peak season. Our peak season is here and processing is taking 4 times longer. The slow down started12/12 and was suggested by Lightspeed support to post .

Any help is much appreciated


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    Interesting. I checked our automated API call batches that export LS Retail recordsets to a local SQL Server instance. Over the past few weeks the runtimes started out taking maybe 45 minutes and now they are taking closer to 50 minutes. That's really odd how you're seeing 4x the runtimes on your end. Are you pulling custom fields by any chance? Those relations can really protract things I recall when I first starting integrating back in late Spring...
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    Thank you for your response. The only custom field we use is the LS Custom SKU. Oddly enough we started to get our normal processing times this morning.
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    Might have been some localized issue between you and your cloud resource allocation on the LS hosting end. Actually custom SKU is a standard data field I believe. Just like manufacturer SKU.

    The LS Retail custom fields are open-ended, in that you define the field titles, the data types (e.g. - multi-select, radio button, drop-down list, freetext, etc.), as well as the valid values. Add a lot of these to records and you will find that when loading those relations the API throughput decreases dramatically. Glad it's working quicker for you again!
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