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Hello, for the opening of our store we're looking to customize the look of the printed SalesReceipt 

It's a mix between design and content edits. Attached is a PDF with guidelines of how we want the template to be. 

I tried to look in Settings -> Print Templates and in the Support page, but I couldn't figure out a solution.

Can someone please help me? Or if you know a professional that can take care of it, we'd be happy to pay for the job. 



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    If you are familiar and comfortable with the code you can have a look at this Template Bootcamp which goes in dept on how to customize receipt templates.
    Hope this helps!
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    We want to do the same thing.  Plus, we want to add images of the products to the receipt.  We liked that feature in Onsite.  It seems like there would be a third party programmer out there who could easily do it.
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