Marketing: Scanning Discounted Barcodes that are Percentage Based

TimJoeTimJoe Posts: 1Member
Hey all,

Recently, our marketing team was wanting to send out flyers to the surrounding neighborhoods of one of our stores. On this printed flyer, we wanted to include a barcode that could be scanned in the store by our cashier, that would take a percentage off of the customer's entire order. I've spoken with LS customer service and as of now, this is impossible to do. Our biggest want with this ability is for this promotion to be tracked within LS so we can collect data for future promotions.

Now, we do know that we can create discounts within the system for the cashier to implement on time of purchase for the customer (this is most likely was we'll default to). We also know that we can create an item and give it a negative value and print a barcode of that item. However, there is no option to turn the value into a percentage. I've researched some third party applications but haven't seem to find one that can do what we need LS to do.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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