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Hielke BrandsmaHielke Brandsma Member Posts: 25
Hello :smile:

I expected that by adding tags to a product made them visible in the search results.
But unfortunately it doesn't work that way :(

For example, we have products called "Putty", but that word doesn't exist in Dutch. It's called "Stopverf".
As said before, I expected the products with a tag "Stopverf" would show-up in the search results.
Is there another way to redirect search keywords to the right products? I know for sure there are a lot of synonyms for certain products, which should be connected to the product somehow and be findable.

Hope anyone has an answer for me :smile: 

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  • roachsterroachster Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I had the same issue.  You have to search the keyword in the "tags"  field for an item to come up.    However, as crazy as it is, when you go over to e-com- and do a regular search outside the tag field everything pops up.
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