Year End Inventory Counts

Hi all,

We conduct an annual inventory count in our stores in January. Before moving to LS we have used RGIS to conduct our physical counts. Inventory Counts in LS is designed to run every item past a scanner to count. One of our stores is 18,000 square feet roughly holds $600,000 and 45,000 skus at year end.

When we used RGIS this year we had to delete our entire inventory and LS reloaded it for us. Information was imported back in at default cost and not average cost and we lost data on any products that were aging as the entire inventory file was "received" the day after the count.

Does anyone else have an inventory count this high and are you using LS or a third party?

Thank you,

Tim Black


  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 108 ✭

    Hey, I know you and live close! I sent you a message, and I might be able to help you guys out.

    Matt Anger

  • Tim_BlackTim_Black Member Posts: 3

    Hey Matt! Can I give a call on Friday?

    Good to hear from you.


  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 108 ✭

    Sure can! Just lemme know when!

    Matt Anger

  • onlinepenguinonlinepenguin Member Posts: 20

    I have the same problem but to a lesser degree (11000 sku but we have many one of kind items that don't scan. We print a report by vendor with the expected counts and change only those that are incorrect and then put a note in the vendor notes field with the date counted and $ discrepancy. Not really ideal but its a work around. Sad that we can't use the tools becuase of lack of flexibility and customization

  • theuboattheuboat Member Posts: 5

    Is there any way on LS to convert a specific inventory count to an inventory value without having to look up every item?

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