Ability to Print a Price Tag with a Sale Or Discount

GWAGWA Member Posts: 13
Am I the only one who would want to see the ability to print a price tag with a "sale" price on it while also showing the original price?  I have many situations where I want to mark an item down temporarily or permanently and be able to show the customer the original price (without making a special sign for it)...It seems like a basic need.


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 433 
    We have one company of ours implemented with LS Retail. They sell pre-owned luxury goods. And online we always show the regular new price and our special price. Having this print on the tags would be huge. But since we are using the smaller jewelry tags, there is only so much room to display data on there. 

    The system our other two companies still currently use is able to do this. The tags are a bit larger (https://www.archcrown.com/productcategories.cfm?subcategory=9&StartRow=13&PageNum=2&rrl=1 , the TT361 media) and were able to display a bit more info. But we have to make do with the tools that were provided in terms of these smaller jewelry tags with LS Retail...
  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 606 moderator
    @GWA there are a number of ways to do this. 

    You could manually put the percentage change formula in the Label template based on certain conditions using Twig/Javascript. Or you could use the API to make a sale, apply a discount and then set that number on the label. 

    Alternatively and simply, you could just use the MSRP and change the name to sale manually or otherwise dynamically using javascript

    Adrian Samuel

    Integrations & Solutions Developer - Strategic Solutions

    Lightspeed HQ

  • Ginger TwiggGinger Twigg Member Posts: 5
    Adrian...I have no idea what you are talking about!  The fact that we cannot have a simple method to format price labels is pretty disappointing.  But the fact that we cannot produce price tags utilizing the pricing levels to show a discount or closeout is baffling to me.
  • GWAGWA Member Posts: 13
    Thanks Ginger!  Adrian I have no idea what you are talking about either.  Here's what we need on the price tag:  "Normal Price $19.99", "Sale Price $14.99"...and the ability to change the words as we see fit, like:



    Our Price


    And so forth.

    The font size of the original price can be 1/3 or 1/4 size of the new price.

  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 606 moderator
    @Ginger Twigg & @GWA, let me give a little more detail.

    You want to mark an Label showing the new "sale" price. 

    In Lightspeed Retail a discount is always and only applied at the checkout. If you create a price rule or use a percentage/fixed discount this will all happen at the point of Sale.

    Since the standard inventory item doesn't have any relationship with future sale discounts, there is therefore no simple way to reflect that change on a label. This makes sense since discount amounts are dependent on many factors, whether manual selection or customer category.

    So in order to circumnavigate this I might suggest that you use the MSRP/RRP (Manufactuer Suggested Retail Price/Recommended Retail Price).

    In Lightspeed Retail you can display the MSRP/RRP by going to Settings > General > Shop Setup > Shop Name > Product Labels > Show MSRP/RRP.

    This will then display a secondary price showing only the MSRP if the MSRP price is greater than the default price assigned to the store.

    Now you'll have to do some HTML and CSS adjustments to make the label look how you want after that.

    Otherwise what I had suggested above was programming these changes in which gives you more flexibility using the languages of Twig and Javascript.

    Although we don't support the development of customised templates we do have a number of development partners who we often suggest for such work. You can find out more details for this if you contact your sales representative. 

    Adrian Samuel

    Integrations & Solutions Developer - Strategic Solutions

    Lightspeed HQ

  • Ginger TwiggGinger Twigg Member Posts: 5
    Please note in the retail environment it is not uncommon to put items on closeout or permanent markdown...so how is the customer suppose to know the item's price has been reduced before getting to the checkout.  I have no interest in putting labels on items that are only on temporary sale.  To me not having the option of a formatted label to showing a MSRP along with the words of SALE or CLOSEOUT with the new reduced prices would be so helpful. I will play with the feature you mentioned with hopes it fulfills my requirements....but I am not hopeful and it sounds labor intensive.
  • GWAGWA Member Posts: 13
    I don't have enough time to get into "coding" to get my labels to work out.  Agree with you Ginger, it is "common" to put things on sale...and that needs to be on the price tag.  But I don't want the sale price to be confused as the "normal price"...I want my customer to know what the old price and the new price are.
  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 606 moderator
    @GWA and @Ginger Twigg, you both make good points, have you considered inserting a feature request here?

    Lightspeed Ideas:

    Outside of this/using customSku/Manufacturer field for the old price, only a programmatic solution will suit your needs.

    Adrian Samuel

    Integrations & Solutions Developer - Strategic Solutions

    Lightspeed HQ

  • WhitecapsWhitecaps Member Posts: 1
    Agree with GWA and Ginger. Baffles me that there is no capability for showing clearance prices alongside retail prices.
  • GWAGWA Member Posts: 13
    We love Lightspeed.  But the single biggest "what?" is that they haven't figured out sale pricing / printing price tags with sale pricing yet.  
  • ginagina Member Posts: 2

    I am in total agreement with the above comments. Another problem in the labeling is the inability to change the font size for the size of a garment. LS label designer was not a retailer!

  • RandyPetersenRandyPetersen Member Posts: 2

    Before I dig into coding my own label, some more options on labels makes obvious sense. Many stores have labels with a retail / sale price on them.

  • Ginger TwiggGinger Twigg Member Posts: 5
    I fail to understand why there are not some basic templates for us to choose when we want to print labels (Regular price, Sale Price Tags...) or receipt printing (Receipt Printer, A2 size, Letter or email).  Great we can code an option but then we are locked into 1 style...we need flexibility in styles and printer choices...one size does not fit all.
  • ElGeeElGee Member Posts: 5

    Yes, we can code, No I do not want to code. It seems that Lightspeed has many good employees, but have lacking communication skills and no experience in the environment that the code will be used. Templates may solve a lot of problems, not just for Sale Price Tags.

  • savvychicsavvychic Member Posts: 13

    I am in complete agreement here. We need to print sale prices on our labels WITHOUT having to code or pay an outside vendor. I cannot understand how this is not possible in using lightspeed retail. I am sure a large percentage of your customers would use this feature.

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