Socket Mobile Scanner Issues..

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I have gone through too many of these scanners. I've had to send in 4 so far for repairs, and replace 3. All of them go through a period of either not charging, or not working while plugged into power, or just completely dying. I've replaced batteries, tried different charging cables, different outlets, etc. Nothing works, so it's obviously these scanners. Any fixes for these, or better working scanners available? I'm really hoping if Apple changes to USB-C across all iPads that a USB powered scanner will work.

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    The proprietary nature of only certain makes/models being compatible is definitely limiting. Especially when the quality of some of the choices is poor. We haven't run into that as much as connectivity issues when things are idle for awhile between the iPad, the receipt printer, and the scanner. We have to regularly restart all of the devices so they can see each other again. Awkward when our sales staff is trying to ring a sale.

    I've had better luck just ringing sales on a Windows PC, using a USB-connected barcode scanner. Then the Bluetooth connection with the receipt printer seems to be more stable and reliable. And the barcode scanner is hard-wired. Not as mobile or as slick, but it's definitely tried and true!

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