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I need to export the data from lightspeed to powerbi. I want to query the sales and I get stuck at the user/password step. My user/password are not working. What could be the reason?

Could it be a security level of my user issue? any other idea?




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    Hi @joelg , you need to authenticate using OAuth in order to access the retail API. Instructions for doing this can be found here: https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/authentication/authentication-overview/

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    Hi Leah,

    The API token is redacted. The owner of the service sees it redacted too. How can we get the unredacted version of the api?



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    why do you pretend to have a forum if you don't answer questions?

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    Hi Joel,

    Where are you seeing the token redacted? If you follow all the authentication instructions from the documentation article linked above, the temporary token will be sent to your redirect URI once the application has been authorized, and you will be able to use it to generate an access token and refresh token. You might consider using a REST client like Postman to generate your tokens. There is a Postman collection linked here that you can fill in with your own details in the Postman application. This way you can prepare your call to the access token endpoint in advance and will then only need to plug in the temporary token before making the call. Note: the temp token is only valid for 30 seconds and the access token needs to be refreshed using the refresh token at regular intervals as well.

    The articles linked below have more details about access tokens and how to request authorization for your client. They also include useful code examples:

    Access Token

    Access Scopes

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