How do I test credit/debit card transactions without an Ipad or a physical card-swiper

m_klippam_klippa Member Posts: 5

Hello Lightspeed community,

I’m currently implementing the lightspeed retail API in our product, and mostly everything is working as expected.

However, I also want to test transactions that are paid with a creditcard and a debitcard (At the moment I can only test with cash transactions).

But I encountered 2 problems trying this, I hope you can help me with these:

  1. I’m not able to pay with creditcard/debitcard though the webinterface (see image), and I also don’t have a retail endpoint or an iPad. Is there another way to emulate this information?
  2. I found the API-endpoint structure for creditcard transactions (here), which I also implemented. However, I can’t find anything about debitcard transactions, is this the same as a CCCharge?

Hopefully someone can help me with this and point me in the right direction.


  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator
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    Hey @m_klippa,

    1) You can't pay with the credit card/debit card via the web interface unless you have an integrated terminal hooked up to your account. The endpoint and the button in question are for integrated payments only.

    If you want to create another payment type specifying credit and debit you can do that, but those will be for non-integrated payments.

    You can read more about our non-integrated payment methods here:

    2) For integrated payments, the payload you receive from a query will include a boolean to determine whether it is a debit or credit.

    It will look like this

    "isDebit": "false", // or "true" if it is a debit card

    I hope this helps!

    Adrian Samuel

    Software Developer

    Lightspeed HQ

  • m_klippam_klippa Member Posts: 5

    @Adrian Samuel Thanks for the reply, to bad we can't test credit and debit payments without an physical terminal.

    I did some searching, and I found the field 'isDebit' in CCCharge, but only in the examples and not in the general description!

    Also, do you know how we get the extra information from debit payments in comparison to credit payments? Fields like:

    • paymentPeriod
    • terminalNumber
    • merchantId
    • transaction
    • cardNumber

  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator

    @m_klippa ,

    Looks like our documentation needs to be updated! Thanks for highlighting that!

    I'm not sure what you mean my payment period, do you just mean a timestamp? If so that is returned.

    The terminalNumber and merchantID isn't given.

    The transaction can be accessed via the SalePayments object.

    cardNumber: we only return the last 4 digits of the credit card number as we don't store it. You can find that on the "xnum" field.

    Adrian Samuel

    Software Developer

    Lightspeed HQ

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