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I think it's worth being aware that there have been some recent changes in the Users module particularly around Users you assign as Manager. I am an implementer representing a Lightspeed reseller in the UK and stumbled on these behaviour changes recently and was very confused till Customer Support clarified them for me:

  1. If you are assigning your user as a Manager, you need to give them a UNIQUE user name and by UNIQUE I mean unique to the entire Lightspeed cloud, not just your enterprise and server!! So if you are getting repeated message indicating the user already exists (when you know they do not), try using an email address for the username to ensure global uniqueness.
  2. Again for users assigned as Manager, don't bother to enter a password until AFTER assigning the user as Manager or you may find your password getting wiped out.
  3. If you notice that new users you assign get a pop-up dialog box when they try to log in offering to clock them in (or out) or cancel and you this is a feature you do NOT want to take advantage of and/or you feel yourself going around in circles when agreeing to either clock in or clock out, this MAY be due to not having assigned a role to the user within 'Edit Roles' in user set-up. There is a permission setting to NOT Force the User to Clock In at Login switched on for most user types but if you DON'T assign a user type, this appears to be switched off and you are left in an endless circle of clocking in and out but never actually logging in!

Just a couple of little behaviours to be aware of that I have noticed recently and might just catch you out if you're not familiar with them (as they did me).

Take care all


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  • YorickYorick Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 97 moderator

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, lots of interesting remarks! I would just like to add some precisions:

    1. Managers need to have a unique username per server (nae1, euw1, euc1, etc...). This is to ensure you connect to the right account on the specific server.
    2. You're 100% right.
    3. You're also right! If the user doesn't have the "Allow POS access" role, they will not be able to access the floor. This is the expected behaviour and can be useful if you want for example the Chef to clock in and they don't need POS access.

    Thanks again for sharing with the community!

    API integration specialist
    Lightspeed HQ
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