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Hi all,

How does one use the API to get a single item by querying the customSku?

We actually need to update pricing on items but is seems the only way to do that is use the itemId which we don't have. All we have is the customSku.


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  • mikesitmikesit Posts: 18Member

    Hey Adrian,

    Thank you very much. I thought I looked everywherein the API docs but I could not find an example of that syntax. Is it documented somewhere?


  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 502Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator

    Hey @mikesit ,

    I don't think we have specific examples of querying endpoints like that, though it's something we are interested in adding to the documentation.

    It's quite an explorative process but you can do a lot of complex queries with them. We do however have the operators documented that can be used for things such as this:

    You might find by searching other forum posts, other such useful queries

    Adrian Samuel

    API Integrations Consultant - Strategic Solutions

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