Does anyone at Lightspeed use Excel???

NickSNickS Member Posts: 30

The idea of a fully integrated POS and accounting package is that you can ditch the spreadsheets right?! Given my posts elsewhere as a newbie here you may have heard me griping about having to do lots and lots and lots of reconciliations to figure out what is going on. Consequently I do lots of exports to Excel.

Every single file I open the first thing I have to do is a 'Find, Replace' - why are all of the monetary figures exported with the following "£" (copied and pasted straight from Excel as it is constantly in my 'Find' box)? I'd rather have no denomination and rely on the column heading. Oh - and column headings that start with certain characters like "=" also do not play nicely in Excel.

If there's a setting somewhere I missed please let me know so I can save a little bit of time!


  • RectanglesLaurenRectanglesLauren Member Posts: 1

    I don't think I've experienced that with my exporting to Excel so far, but I noticed on the Lightspeed Accounting login when I export those Sales Reports to Excel the bottom total lines are not formatted like the rest of the data. What shows up is the web page's HTML formatting surrounding the number which makes it a pain to have to delete, re-format/re-calculate. For example, this is what shows up instead of $84.78:

    <div class='number-cell'> 84.78 </div>

    This is not conducive to a spreadsheet number cell, similar to your = sign and £ sign issues. I wish I could help you NickS! But I'm glad to know that others struggle with things that LightSpeed was supposed to make easier. Here's hoping LightSpeed fixes their kinks and makes things go smoother for us.

  • onlinepenguinonlinepenguin Member Posts: 20

    if only you had the choice to export to pdf or xls instead of CSV files. I have to format most columns as leading zeros are dropped and system id translates into scientic formula etc.

  • LucindaLucinda Member Posts: 1

    I've the same issue Nick. Quirky system. We have dropped paying for the integrated quick books because, well, it wasn't quick...

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