Home Beta and Manual Refunds for retail on iPad

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Wondering about the new Home Beta. Currently, the in-progress sales button links to all sales not just in-progress sales. Is it possible to have it link directly to only in-progress sales and have a quick option for deleting? Secondly, After using LS for a full year will the Beta Home Screen show sales from past years on the same date?

Finally, there is no way to do a manual refund from the front. Currently, manual refunds (without a receipt) must be processed through Back Office which takes quite a while to repeatedly log into, and double select sale to get to the refund option, when a customer is waiting. If a negative product price is entered it only discounts that amount from the product but does not take it out of inventory. Is it possible to have the number of products enter the negative range. For example, when a product is selected the addition sign is available to add multiple of the same product but not the negative. Can the negative sign be available and also link to adding the product back into inventory?

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  • onlinepenguinonlinepenguin Member Posts: 20

    This should be a basic task. the negative quantiy seems like the perfect solution. maybe just have an option in configuration that only certail employee roles can use it?

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