Showing stock in multi-store environment

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I'm trying to solve the well-known problem that Lightspeed doesn't support multi-store in eCom. At the moment we have two stores but only one stock since everything must be available in the online store. This is possible since the stores are physically nearby each other. However, we are opening third store to another city and this solution does not work anymore.

I'm trying to solve the problem in the following steps. 1) Get the info how many products each store has. 2) If there's at least one product in stock, allow ordering. 3) Sort out the stocks in each store in the back office after each order.

The POS has the detailed information of stock in every store. I was wondering does this information pass to the eCom so that I could show it to the customer which store has what in stock. I checked the variables but nothing useful came up. Showing the customer where the products are is vital since they can go to visit the store (and in many cases this is what they do, because we are a clothing store).

My question is that can I add this information to be send to eCom along with the other product related info? So, I need to add a new variable including this information. Also, if this is possible to write or modify variables I would modify the variable containing stock availability in the POS side similarly so that the "product.stock.available" is true if even one of the stores has the product in stock.

This would clear the steps 1 and 2. The only problem remaining is the step 3, but since there aren't too many orders daily we could manage the stock between stores manually.

I'm aware of this previous discussion which is not very helpful solving the problem:


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