When Will Lightspeed Loyalty Include ecom purchases?????

dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 24 ✭

What is the status of including ecom sales within your new Loyalty program???

Seems ecom gets overlooked a lot when adding new features. It really takes away from whole "Omnichannel" concept.



  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 277 moderator

    Hi @dsteinbeck

    The greatness of Lightspeed Loyalty will come to eCom and thus Retail Omni. Although the implementation is under development, there is no timeline on when it will be released. Once ready it will be announced in the eCom dashboard and most likely the Lightspeed Blog.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • vyperr3vyperr3 Member Posts: 5

    I've been waiting on the "gift card implementation" for ecom for 3 years now. Or how about being able to make out of stock sizes invisible? Oh, there's some apps you can add for $49/mo. each? COOL.

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