Master Orders

WyethWyeth Member Posts: 2

I have two suggestions that would make utilizing the Master Order much easier.

First, I'd love to have a "clear all items" options. Some times you goof and clicking the delete icon on 500 items is an incredible waste of time. So is creating the PO's and then archiving all those created PO's.

Second, we use it with three stores. Two stores feed off the main store, so we use and add transfers to the Master Order. We do our transfers by vendor and sometimes we'll end up with 20 or more transfers for each store. Currently, you have to manually add each transfer to the master order. Again, a huge clicking task. It would be great to be able to click a checkbox and then add all.


  • roberto_panseraroberto_pansera Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 49 moderator

    Hey @Wyeth

    Thanks for the observation and suggestions. I will add the suggestions internally here. You can also go Lightspeed Ideas. It is a website that Lightspeed users can suggest changes and vote in the other user's ideas.



  • CCFS_ZachCCFS_Zach Member Posts: 25

    I can't believe the "Clear All" still hasn't been implemented to the master order page. There have been so many times I've had to spam click on the "Trash" button to remove hundreds of items from a master order. I'm sure others have this issue as well. Such an easy implementation that appears to be ignored

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