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Wondering if anyone else has a need for creating Assemblies ad-hoc in a sales transaction, and has found a workable solution. We sell gift-baskets in our wine shop. Some of them are pre-made and we can create an assembly for them, add all the items (wine, crackers, cheese, labor, etc.), give them a price, good to go. But the vast majority of them are custom built when we make them - people call wanting specific wines or specific things. We like being able to create a quote while we are on the phone with the customer to add the items in the basket, then print the quote to use as a pick list while we build the basket.

But when we price it to the customer, we would like to hide the line item prices of the items and just sell them a "$75 Basket". This lets us get some of extra margin and labor in the basket without the customer seeing line items like "$10 box of Crackers" and "Basket Wrapping - $5" . We would rather not get in to "why are these crackers $10, leave those out" conversations.

So we would like to be able to create some sort of ad-hoc assembly in the transaction. Like we could ring up the items, and then say "these items together cost $75". Right now our option is to ring up baskets as a generic Basket item - which messes up the inventory on every item in the basket - or create a new assembly item every time we create a custom basket. We don't really want to fill up the inventor list/archive with a bunch of one-off baskets.

Just wondering if any one else as a similar ad-hoc assembly problem, and if there is a work around.


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    Most other POS systems have a “group” type item that allows the inventory to be based on the sub items and doesn’t require assembly.

    this feature has been suggested to LS years ago with more than 60 or 70 upvotes and LS hasn’t even bothered to respond to it.

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