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Hi guys, love Lightspeed a lot.

I have a request to be able to manage the service section. When on a workorder, we can use the LABOR button to ad time, it helps because we can set a base price per hour, so anything we put on there is automatically calculated in time which is awesome. But it is not identified and having to type the description for every service is time consuming. We thought of programming them as non item, but then the time is not taken in account, which is very important to be able to manage our schedule.

How about a fifth product type? When creating a product, we'd have the option to create a "labor" product, for which instead of qty, it would be time. For example, a labor product oil-change, 15 min and according to whatever we put in SETTINGS/BOUTIQUES/ in service rate, it would automatically count the total. When added to a workorder, those "labor" products, the time would show up in the HOUR column, so we'd know immediately how much time we have booked per day, which would make it super easy to know when to promise a service for a customer by a simple glance at SERVICE/WORKORDERS DUE ?

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    I am 100% in agreement here. It would save time and allow for better scheduling practices to have a catalog of common repairs from which to select. I've seen this proposed several times in these forums and would LOVE to have this come to fruition.

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