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Hello everyone, This year we started with our sales super low, looking to our past year with the old V1 we were much better than with the new V2 I don't know if our shop is slow because of the holidays, the year, etc... in fact we have no clue why our sales drop so dramatically. Anyone experiencing the same?  Should we try to give another look to our shop? What can we do to up sales besides the news brief? Any suggestions?

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  • Yvo KortekaasYvo Kortekaas Member Berichten: 41
    i just took a very short look on your website.
    The pop up was hard to remove, had to look where to click.
    Don't know if it's any help but that's the first that i saw.
    Also all the products on your home page are in sale, that looks in my eyes your not selling to well. It's just a vibe i get on the home page.
    Don't know how others see this.
    Hope your sales will improve.
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  • PaulaPaula Member, Beta tester Berichten: 1,503 
    Hey Kristy, all the items on sale on your homepage don't shop up in the sales section. 
    And how about last year this time of year? I can imagine that during the zomervakantie (yes, I know you understand dutch  :p) sales are lower, and they will go up again towards the holiday season (november/december) 
    I don't think it has much to do with V2, because that is only affecting the back-end, not the front-end of the shop. 
    And yes, I agree with Ivo, the pop-up is a bit tricky to click away (I am not a fan of pop-ups in general anyway, but that's just me)
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  • SharleneSharlene Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Berichten: 114 moderator
    Hi @kristy, maybe I can create a ticket for you just so I can take a look at your shop and analyze if there is something you can do to optimize your sales. If you are interested please let me know :smile:
  • kristykristy Member Berichten: 3
    hello @Sharlene, yes please do that, thanks
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